Use Keyboard and collapse the Prototype - Mobile


i tired to fake a messenger. Until now it works for me, but I would like to use the keyboard. And for that case my prototype needs to collapse or move down/up so that the prototype fits the screen WITH the Keyboard. Like Whatsapp. Focus on the text field, keyboard appears and the chat fits the rest of the screen and maybe moves.
Does anyone has a idea how i can fake/make it with axure?

I don’t know of a way to detect presence of an onscreen keyboard, but you could add some actions to the OnFocus and OnLostFocus events for your input field widget(s). Either scroll your page to them (or a hotspot widget under them) or move them to/near the top of the screen, pulling widgets with them. You could also add a resize if that’s what you need.

If you post your .rp file then forum users can help you further if needed. Best of luck!