Use the previous URL from Axure 8 team project with Axure 9 team project


We were working on a team project using Axure 8, then we upgraded to Axure 9. We have created a lot of documentation and it’s all referencing the old URL.

Is it possible to use on the new Axure 9 project eg.


Hi bassel!

I wanted to let you know that Axure RP 9 team projects cannot be published to URLs that were previously used for publishing Axure RP 8 team projects. However, if you have documentation that already references the older Axure RP 8 Team URL, you could create a redirect at this URL, so that opening the old URL redirects to the new URL where the Axure RP 9 team project is published. This would make it so that accessing the older URL would still be possible, and so that the documentation would not need to be updated, but clicking on this older link would simply navigate to the new published project. One quick way to set up a redirect like this is to create an OnPageLoad event for the older URLs project that opens a link to the new project:

I hope this helps!

Thanks, Chelsea! We thought of using this method of redirect, earlier. But, our solution is a complex one that also includes iFrames. Our documentation is so detailed and requires to find another solution or stick to working with Axure 8.

We are currently exploring the use of JS to globally replace the URL with another one and maintain the page name eg. to replace with, maybe this will help.

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