Use variable to set wait time

I have a page with a bunch of elements in. I want it to animate in when the page loads so that the elements fade in one by one in quick succession to create a ripple effect.

I’m thinking that I’ll set all of the elements hidden and fade them in, using waits to create the ripple. I want to be able to play with the timings on this to get the right look & feel.

As there are a lot of elements, I don’t want to have to individually edit each wait and fade time. Ideally I’d like to be able to set a variable for the number of ms for each so I only have to change two things to affect all of the animation.

I can’t seem to see how to use a variable in the time box of the wait action or the animation fade time. Am I missing something?

If not can anyone suggest a workaround that might get me the same result please?

Thanks in advance,


there is not possible way to pass a variable value to time field for wait. only manual adjustment.
That said, take a look this file. It took only less than five minutes to implement this example. - The effect will start onLoad. just refresh screen to view it agin.
ripple.rp (123.8 KB)