User Chosen Columns in a Table (using a Repeater and a dynamic panel)

I have been searching for a solution to use a repeater as a table and allow the user to hide and unhide the columns, with remaining columns filling the gap or moving out of the way as needed. I did not find a satisfying solution in my searches, so I did some experimenting and found a way to do it that works for me.

I thought it would be good to share, in case others have a similar need. Full notes are in the document, but the simple explanation is that the repeater and column headers are placed inside a dynamic panel set to β€œfit to content.” When columns are hidden or revealed, pulling or pushing widgets to the right move the other columns. The dynamic panel resizes to allow other page elements to be brought along.

I hope others will find it helpful.


Choose Columns Table.rp (92.3 KB)

other keywords: visible columns hiding whitespace hide