Using an image multiple times

Hi, i need help please. I want to make a project that is sketching a wedding hall with adding table and arranging them on the sketch and adding a bar and flowers to tables.
i want to add a table image on the side that you can drag and drop wherever you want. the problem is that i want a big amount of tables to be able to drag and i dont want to add 100 images of tables.
how can i multiply the amount of tables to be as much as the user want to add?
thank you so much!
if you have more tips you are welcome to add!

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do. But it sounds like you could repeaters to do this and just add rows for the number of tables needed.

hey thank you for answering.
i tried to do it with a repeater but whe i drag a table from the repeaters spot to wherever i want and i drop it the table goes back to his original spot and adds a row under so i get two tables.
what i want is that i could dragg a table to anywhere i want and in the repeaters original spot i will get 1 new table to drag to.
if you could send me a code please of how you would do it.

So this gets kind of complicated and I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to do. Nor do I have time build something for you. But, if I understand you correctly, on the left hand-side of the page you will have an image of a table that is draggable. You will need to put that image in Dynamic Panel to make it dragable. On the right side you will need a target object, either a hotspot of a Dynamic Panel. You will also need the repeater with metadata representing your tables.

When the table image is dropped on the target area you will need to add a row to the repeater.

What I don’t know is if you have a finite amount of tables on the right that move to the left or if its a reusable table that resets after each drop.