Using widget name to identify column name in repeater data



Looking to see if there’s a way to pass the widget name as a parameter to identify which column it should use in a repeater table.

I have 36 columns, and therefore 36 cells per repeater row that each need me to hand type in their column names. I would think it would be easier to just write a function to say “take the name of this widget and lookup the column that has that same name” or something like this…


That way, all the widgets could use the same function and I could just copy paste them. Right now I’m hand entering all the column names one by one. Additionally, if in the future, I need to edit column names, I’ll have to come back and correct them instead of the widget dynamically identifying the column based on its name.

Anyone find a workaround for this? Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong? I also tried this (below) and it doesn’t work, though I knew it wouldn’t…

[[Item.LVAR1]] … where LVAR1 =

or even…


No matter how hard I prayed they didn’t work :laughing:

Also, FYI - no I cannot share screenshots or files… uploading a file might trigger my company to flag me and I could get fired… I work in enterprise UX and it’s a VERY proprietary environment so please bear with me


Yeah, would be great to have a kind of “dynamic widget name” feature, but it just doesn’t work like that. Good feature request you could make

I’ve had to deal with this too. You can create a kind of “sub-routine function” from a blank dynamic panel or unused event on a button with a bunch of Else If conditions testing the name of all possible widgets that need targeting. Or, if it’s possible for one/more of your target widgets to identify themselves (based on some user or system action) they can assign a global variable the value of their name. So something like,

Set Variable Value OnLoadVariable to “[[]]”

Or, if possible to represent your widgets on a repeater, can add a column to make targeting widget names with a simple rule.