Variables being reset when using "Back" option under Open Link

I was struggling with this until I found out: whenever I use the “back” option under the Open Link action, the variables on the target page being returned to get reset.

If I directly point to the page, the variables’ values hold. This is not really optimal because in my case I have this payment screen that gets back to wherever the user was after performing the payment.

Does this make any sense? Is it a bug?

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The variables aren’t being explicitly reset, they’re just returning to the state they were in before the page changed. Back buttons attempt to return the user to the previous state/page without performing another request to the server, so they will ditch anything that wasn’t there before the page load (which includes things like Axure global variables).

If you want to retain a global variable, you have to actually link to a page, rather than using back. If that destination is the same every time, then you can just choose the page destination. If it is different depending on things the user does, then you could use cases to determine which page to return to.

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Great, thanks! I didn’t know that. I will then use the cases approach :slight_smile: