Variables - can I convert "text string" into "text-string" using an expression?

Hi there, hope someone can help.

In my prototype, I’ve built the following behaviour, to allow me to redirect users to a particular SEO page based on a search term.

  1. User types a town name into a text field and hits “Go”
  2. The town name is passed into a variable, which is then passed into a URL - the user is redirected to the correct page for that town.

So far so good, this is working…but only if the town has a single word name, like “York”. If the town name is “New York” then of course the URL breaks and the user gets a 404.

So the question is:

  • Is it possible to use an expression or other method to turn “new york” into “new-york” before i pass it into the URL?

Thanks in advance!

Let’s say you have a variable that contains the text, you can just replace spaces with dashes.

[[Variable.replace(’ ‘,’-’)]]

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Yes! That’s great, silly of me not to have found that myself, but thanks so much for your help, it’s all working perfectly now.

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