Variables: can't reset

Hi all!
I have problems trying to reset variables:

I want to show a notification on page 2 if an action has been done on page 1. I have set the variable to “true” on page 1, and in page 2 a condition saying “If variable equals true” then do x, and then “set value equal to false” to reset it. But it doesn’t reset and I don’t want to reload the page. I would like it to reset and thats it.
Is there a way to achieve this?

I attach the file, variable is set on page “DescargaDatos” and it is reseted on “Ajustes”


Example.rp (1.7 MB)

It’s working fine. It just takes about 2.5 seconds to reset because you have the Set Variable action after a 2.5 second Wait action.

Open the Console (x) in the Axure sitemap and you can see the variable value change as you go through the prototype.

Hu nkrisc!
Thanks for answering!
I have checked the console and I don’t know what happens.
The problem is that the variable is set to “true” everytime I return to page 2 (Ajustes), even if I haven’t gone to page 1 (DescargaDatos).

As I said before, you have to wait 2.5 seconds before the variable resets because you placed it after a wait action. If you leave the page in less than 2.5 seconds then the variable doesn’t have time to reset. If you wait longer than 2.5 seconds before leaving the Ajustes page you’ll see everything works fine.

I’m guessing you probably want to move the Set Variable action before the Wait action. Actions happen sequentially, so the order of your actions does matter. Sometimes it makes no noticeable difference, sometimes it does.

Hi nkrisc!
II wait until the notification hides and longer but it keeps being shown. I have also tried to change the order as you said but the result is the same.
I think there is a problem with the condition because watching the console the variable is set to false when I leave the Ajustes page but it is set again to true when I enter again.

Clicking around using the sitemap I could not recreate the issue you’re seeing. As long as I waited for the variable to be set, everything worked as expected. I’m not sure what’s causing the issue you’re seeing.

Hi nkrisc!
I have done all the variables from scratch and it works fine now.
Thanks a lot for your kind help!