"Vertical" Parallax Scrolling 2017?

Hi there -

I’ve been searching and reading for a normal “Vertical” parallax scrolling like we see for each current youtube user channel banner profile. For instance:

The only thing I could grab info is more about impressive horizontal parallax scrolling which is not what we are looking for. Including a few that is not narrowing down this request…

Any basic normal and simple axure template out here regarding this? That would be appreciated. Might be simple, but need some help here :))


Not sure what you found for horizontal parallax scrolling effect but you should be able to use it and just swap the horizontal axis for the vertical with few adjustments.

It’s really the same thing either way.

Thanks Sifu!

Will take a deeper look. I was just hoping to find a template… : )


Hi splix,

Just wanted to jump in to see if you’ve seen this parallax scrolling post by Paul:

He talks about and provides a fairly simple vertical parallax scrolling example there. The example was created in Axure RP 7, but the idea behind interaction should look the same in RP 8. I hope this is helpful!

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No I haven’t saw this Simon_ -

Gracias :wink:

Hi Guys! I am really trying to have the same effect as the link I’ve shared or should I say in all youtube profile. I am still not able to do this. Could someone help me with a template besides the few already sharing please.

Hi splix,

The “Parallax scrolling” section of this blog post may help:

That post includes an example RP file as well, which will allow you to get a closer look at how the parallax scrolling interactions are working together. I’ve also attached the file here:

scroll-effects.rp (104.8 KB)

Of course if you’ve already gotten started with your own file, feel free to post it here and we’ll be able to take a look!

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Hi Simon -

I wanted to thank you for this response Simon as for some reason this helped me resolve what I was looking for! I would like to thanks the help of others as well before.
Thank you Simon, now I will post one more thing and that should be all :slight_smile: