Vertical Repeater Height

I have a repeater with a long list, e.g. all countries. How can I have it set to show just 10 at a time, or to have the list be no longer than 700px high, without using pagination?

Add a filter on the [[Item.index]] property to show only 10 items (note: if you sort this won’t work quite right).

Then to hide everything past 700px put your repeater in a dynamic panel with a fixed height of 700px. If the context of a fixed size dynamic panel is larger than the panel size then it will be hidden.

Thanks! However, would you please provide more detail? The filter would go on the repeater on what event? I have filters on the OnLoad and OnItemLoad events.

Hi jes777,

If you’re using the filter method that Nathan suggested, where to place the filter will mostly depend on when you’d like for it to be applied. For example, placing the filter on the repeater’s “OnLoad” event will apply the filter when the repeater first loads, so the repeater will be immediately restricted to 10 items. The filter will then remain in place until it’s removed or replaced with another filter with the “Remove other filters” option enabled.

I’d also like to quickly mention that if you’re applying a filter in the “OnItemLoad” event, you’ll want to be mindful of some possible effects this might have on your prototype’s performance. This is because the OnItemLoad event is fired for each repeater item every time the repeater itself is refreshed (e.g. when adding/removing rows, applying filters, etc.), which could result in your filter being applied many more times than necessary.

I hope this is helpful! If you’d like more assistance with your specific file, feel free to post it here or send it over to