Vertical Text Centering within shapes



With Axure 7, I’ve moved to doing most of my graphic design work within Axure, which is awesome and a huge time saver. I still have to do some things in photoshop and illustrator, and pull into Axure, but for the basic styles, Axure is just enough functionality. So, THANK YOU for that! :cool:

The problem I am having is simple. Some of my objects that are set to vertically center align text seem to top-align when the object is small. This problem mostly manifests in buttons. It happens sometimes, but not all the time.

See attached image. Anyone know what’s up?

While I’m here, a few features request for graphic design in Axure:
-Right click object to create new style from selection
-Ability to do top/right/left/bottom borders (various weights)
-Ability to “imbed” hover and active states within a style. Or at least apply a style when adding a hover or active state.
-Export to real CSS!!! (and IMPORT CSS!)

-Sophia V


Could you post a file with an example of text not centering vertically? You could also try it on the latest release candidate first,, Release Candidate | Axure, we have fixed some things around this.

Creating a style from an object could be coming pretty soon: Create Custom Style from Widget Style (Copy Style, Save Custom Style from Object)

We choose the latter for Mouse Over and Selected Styles. ‘Right-Click -> Interaction Styles…’, here you can set a Base Style so that later you are able change all Mouse Over Styles at once.

We do export real CSS, but we also have to use a few other features and technologies to make sure all aspects of the generated HTML render correctly. We could add a simple import in the future, but it would most likely be limited to creating Custom Styles in Axure and importing only the properties that are already handled.

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