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How can I adapt (width) the size for view in mobile app?

I’ve made screens for a mobile device.
I wanted to test it in the AxureApp but the vieuw was to big.
The view did not adapt to the width of the screen.
Is this normal?

The button in the lefttop does not work.



iPhone width is in 375px (414px for “Plus”)… Anyway, formats are available on “Page Dimensions”. If you want fit several screens go here : “Project / Adaptive View Sets…” then click on “Add”. You can choose a preset format or add a custom one.

Thnx Ax-guy?

So there is no option to scale the width for 100% to screen?

So with Axure9 we can’t do any usertesting for mobile on different devises?


Hi guys!

With the 9 beta, you can triple-tap on the prototype screen on your mobile device to bring up the player cards. The first card you should see is “Project Options”. Under the “Scale” section, select “Scale to fit width” to fit your prototype to the device’s width. If you wanted the entire page to fit on the mobile screen, the “Fit all to screen” option should help there.

Lmk if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Hey Jane,

thnx, this you really had to know…
And, … it works.


With the Axure 9 beta, is there any way to configure the prototype to default to use “scale to fit width” when it opens, at least when viewed on a mobile device, rather than needing to triple-tap in the player to select that option each time I open the prototype?

For context, I’m trying to create a prototype that will work on most any mobile phone size, since I don’t know what devices my test participants will be using, without needing to tell each participant to first change the view settings. With Axure 8, we’d been able to do this by setting the viewport tag to “device-width”, but I’m not seeing anything similar to that in Axure 9 beta – though it’s quite possible I’m missing something!

As a side note, my ideal setting would actually be something like: “if run on a computer simulate X phone, but if run on a phone then scale to the device width” so that I can take advantage of the prototype viewer on desktop to share with my colleagues for feedback – but I’d settle for having it always scale to device-width.

Any ideas? Or is defaulting to scale to device-width not supported (yet)?



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