Viewing All Pages

I supposed there is no way to see all my pages laid out as boards in Ax9. Similar to how AxD, Sketch, Invision does it or am I wrong? While we’re at it, would be nice connect simple prototypes by linking a widget to a page similar to how all these apps to it as well.

If we had these two things I could make a strong case for upgrading and continuing to use Axure.

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I guess you already tried the screenshot widget for this purpose?

Yeah I’m not trying to view all the pages together I’d like to navigate between them and zoom in and zoom out and then edit. I suppose in a worse case scenario I could use the snapshot widget if it allowed me to double click on a snapshot to jump to a page and edit. Right now all it does is change the referencing page.

I see. This is really a different story.

i think this is a general feature request that has nothing to do with version 9.
And that’s why I would place it in the corresponding forum.

But the request doesn’t get my support.
In my opinion you don’t need this, a simple switch between screens is also so easy with the actual implementation.
To us as it is solved with Sketch, it makes the handling of the individual pages more difficult.
But everything is a matter of taste.

Other improvements would be more important to me …

Yeah I used to think that way too. But I’ve been forced to do a lot more with Sketch and Invision, and there is a ton of efficiencies gained from designing wholistically in this manner. Consider it a wish… since I know that it’s a big deal in the real world and Axure is losing this battle. So for you it might not be important but I’ve been freelancing for years and this is a big deal to my clients when deciding to use Axure or not.

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