Virtual Keyboard .rp

Hi! I need to create a custom virtual keyboard for a complex prototype. I’ve seen a few threads regarding this, but was wondering if anyone had one already programmed that I could use as a base. Thanks!



I’m going to have to build this myself, aren’t I :wink:

Well, anyone want to take up the cause? I’ll pay handsomely for your efforts!


This should help a little.
The keyboard is a master and there are two events. “Letter Clicked” and “Delete”
On Click each keybutton adjusts the global variable “Letter” which is then used when the event “Letter Clicked” is fired.

Use the masters events to manipulate your desired object.

In the example they have the following behavior:
LetterClicked: Grabs the text of the pressed button and inserts it wherever needed.
Delete: Shortens the string of the input field by 1 char.

There are only buttons for ASDF but you can copy paste them to your desired layout.

OnScreenKeyboard.rp (62.1 KB)

Thank you @Zuvala

Here is a complete keyboard variant:
OnScreenKeyboard-2.rp (108.2 KB)