Waiting for image upload to placeholder forever

Hi, I’m currently facing some issue with uploading an image to image placeholder (from the Libraries menu). It takes forever.

I am using Axure 9 Beta and Mac OS Mojave 10.14.

Is there any way to solve this?

Hi limbowalker,

Hmm, how big is the image you are trying to import? Does it help if you optimize it? Could you send a copy of the image and the .rp file over to support@axure.com so that we can continue troubleshooting from there? Thanks!

Hey Jane,
actually the size of img does not matter at all. The issue occurs whether I’m trying to upload 64kb or 2mb.

I also noticed there is no such problem with High Sierra 10.13.6 within the same .rp file so I guess it’s rather about optimizing Axure to the newest Mac OS release.

Hi limbowalker,

I tested importing an image into the Placeholder widget on a Mac running 10.14, but still haven’t been able to reproduce the slow behavior. I tested with small and large un-optimized images. Since you’re seeing something different, could you post an example .rp file and a link to an image where you’re seeing this behavior? This may be a long shot, but please also let me know whether updating to the latest build of the 9 beta (3621) resolves the issue. Ty!