Waiting for Uploads to Finish


Ever since moving to Axure 9, the “Waiting for Uploads to Finish” has been freezing the application. I have seen two other threads, but no satisfactory solution. This problem has lead to loss of work on multiple occasions. Are there any plans to fix this bug?


Hi Darby,

To verify whether what you’re running into is one of the issues we’re currently working on or unrelated, can you share more information?

  1. What OS are you running?

  2. Is Axure RP 9 fully updated to either the latest stable build or release candidate with the latest fixes?

  3. Are you seeing the upload-related freezes happening with team projects, regular .rp files, or both? In either case, is this happening with large files?

  4. Are any specific files freezing, and if so can you share those?

If you can send the above to support@axure.com we can take a look!