Want to be more involved with Axure? Join the Axure User Council!

Hello Axurians!

Many of you have taken the time to express your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and requests for Axure RP to us, and many have also expressed interest in being more involved with the product to help guide its future iterations. We’ve listened, and have decided to start up what we’re calling the Axure User Council; this will consist of a pool of users who are interested in being more involved and engaged with the teams who plan and design future releases of Axure’s tools. If you are interested in being available for studies, surveys, and requests for input, then we would recommend signing up to join the council below:

For individual one-off feature requests, feedback, and suggestions, please go ahead and continue sending those directly to support@axure.com so that we can get those filed and passed along to the product team as usual. Thank you!

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