Way to disable an event?

Is there a way to disable an event without cutting/deleting it? I would like it to not execute but don’t want to delete it as I try new things in a project.



Depending on the situation, I might move an action to an event that I know won’t be fired (e.g., OnRotate for a widget that I know isn’t going to be spinning). I do this mostly for actions that I think I’m not going to need but can’t quite get myself to delete.

If I want to disable something temporarily I might add an always-false condition (like IF “2+2” equals “5”). Here, I will also change the name of the action to remind me that it’s effectively been commented out.


Copy that. Thank you. False case sounds good.

I moved one to another page thinking it would just sit there and be as is, but it blanked everything out since the widgets didn’t exist on that page.

Would be nice to just have an on/off/hide option.

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