Web font is not working, what am I doing wrong?

These are my settings:

The web font is working on my machine, because I have it installed.
On my colleague’s computer and on my tablet it shows Times New Roman (?).

Visit the URL you have for the CSS. What do you see? I get a 404 when I do instead of the CSS. That’s probably why it’s not working. If you check the browser console I bet you’d see an error too.

All Google webfont links look like this.
They show the same here in the example:


I opened it in my browser and it’s not a 404 for me:

That seems to be working then. Some other things to check:

Are there any other errors in the browser console?
Does the font-family applied to the text elements in the Axure prototype match the font-family declared in the CSS? 'Noto Sans'

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Ahh, that was the problem.
I accidentally installed ‘Noto Sans TC’ on my computer, and not ‘Noto Sans’.
Now it’s working.
Thanks a lot for your help nkrisc!