Web Font Mapping for Proxima Nova



I’m struggling to get the web font mapping to work properly with the Proxima Nova font. I’ve tried both the css URL path and also the font-face mapping and neither seem to be working.

I plugged in the below provided to be from Adobe (and also removed the link ref items and just plugged in the URL which didn’t work). I also tried plugging in just the font face as well and it didn’t work:

Is there something else that I’m missing?

I also confirmed that there was nothing in the Font Mapping section and also tried mapping Proxima Nova to itself as well.


Try using only the URL without the “”. The <link rel… should not be needed I think

In your case:



I tried doing that as well and it did not work.


Hello! I had a similar problem, and found the info provided thus far very helpful. However, I think I found the missing link!

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. In axshare control window, add the typekit link provided using the “Link to CSS” option (’<link href’ not needed).
  2. Add a font-mapping:
    ** Select ‘Proxima Nova’ in the first dropdown
    ** In the “map to font family” field, enter ‘proxima-nova’
    ** Click Done

Why this works: the web font for Proxima Nova is defined as ‘proxima-nova’ where as the desktop font is ‘Proxima Nova’.
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