Web Fonts Not Fully Working in Safari

Using the Google Font ‘Roboto’ and a custom company font. They display fine in Chrome, but the company font and some styles of Roboto not displaying properly in Safari. Thoughts?

Hmm, are Safari and Chrome being used on the same or separate machines? This would help to confirm whether the machine where the font works and the one where it doesn’t are the same, since fonts may mis-render in the browser for machines where the font is not locally installed on the OS and there isn’t a valid web font applied in “Publish > Generate HTML > Web Fonts”. If you have the font installed and the web font added to the project settings, then can you provide more information about how the fonts are mis-rendering? If you’re able to post a copy of your file (or email it to support@axure.com) then we can take a closer look to ensure that everything is in order.

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