Web Fonts not rendering on Preview

I can’t seem to get the web fonts working correctly on my preview, I have tried both “Link to .css” and “@font-face” and my Typekit link doesn’t work, what am I doing wrong?

Hi @CMetcalfe,

I checked the css hosted at https://use.typekit.net/vcc1owl.css and they are specifying the font as “futura-pt”, to fix this, change the font label field “futura-pt” in the publishing settings.

Also, in Axure RP, if your widgets font is set to anything other than “futura-pt” (e.g. “Futura PT”) you’ll want to set Font Mappings so that those fonts are correctly mapped to futura-pt.

Although I don’t have the font installed, you can see the font working in the example prototype hosted here:

I hope that helps!

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