WebFont settings not copied between files?

I want to copy over webfont settings between projects. They don’t appear to be embedded in the HTML config file. Am I missing something?

To import webfont settings from one file to another, first open the file you want to copy the settings to. Then under the File menu, choose Import from RP File.... You’ll be asked to choose a file. Pick the file that contains the settings you want to copy. Then continue through the wizard that pops up until you get to the step called Import Generator Configurations. Pick the generator configuration in the target file that contains the settings you want to import. Complete the process and you should have the settings in your new file.

Thanks nkrisc. That’s exactly what I did. When I encountered the problem with working files, I created 2 test files, export with one web font, import with none. I imported the export HTML1 configuration. The web font doesn’t appear in the import file.

When you go to generate the file or publish to AxShare, you might need to change the configuration selected to the one you imported. When you import the configuration I don’t believe it overwrites the default one, but instead adds it as a new one.

Dix points!

After repeatedly trying to do this, I discover (from your suggestion) that I now have 5 HTML1 configurations with the Web Fonts included! Something more descriptive/ sequential might be a small improvement, but I’m not complaining.

In fact this offers some interesting possibilities for side-by-side comparisons of different font schemes.

Thank you!