Weird favicon on the Chrome tab for the online prototype

I’ve noticed lately a weird logo on all my prototypes for Axure, is this intentional? How can I remove it or change it? It appears like the stonecutters logo from the simpsons or like a batsign idk…07

It’s the default favicon in Chrome for any website that doesn’t have one. It has nothing to do with Axure. Find any other website without a favicon and you’ll see it there too.

As for what it is, I think it’s supposed to be a very stylized globe or clouds or something. Not really sure, to be honest.

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I kind of like, “Bat signal in a blender” :smile:

Or the inverse would be, “wave and a cloud” ?

“Planet Earth is our Home” probably makes the most sense, but dang, that is one seriously warmed and melted globe!

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Thanks! This is really helpful!