Weird problems with dynamic panels

Problem 1:
If I duplicate a state, a lot/most/all of the time, the contents of the second state disappear. The state is still there but there is nothing on the stage and nothing in the outline. If I click into a different item in the outline and then back into the state in the DP then they reappear. Likewise if I copy something from somewhere else and paste it into a state in a dynamic panel, they don’t appear so I click paste again. Then I end up with 2 of the things I pasted in there.

Problem 2:
If I have a dynamic panel with a state and that state contains a single image that has been resized, the image size reverts to the original size if I duplicate the state.

I’m getting used to it and working round it for the moment but it’s annoying. I need to crack on for the moment but I’ll see if I can create a screen video later.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it a bug?

I have not seen this, but I generally duplicate states by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Duplicate’ - this seems to copy everything without any issues.

Yes, I’ve tried that way, tried in the outline panel, and on the bit at the top of the screen where you choose the state from the dropdown. They all do the same. It’s happened now on 2 different prototypes. This is on a Mac and there are no updates to do.

My guess would be some kind of bug to do with available memory on your machine. Mine can sometimes struggle to render everything immediately when copying multiple nested DPs, or DPs with repeaters inside them. I’d email with a detailed description of your machine setup and an example RP file.

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Yeah, I think I’ll do that. This is a 3.1Ghz i7 Macbook Pro with 16GB of memory so it should be up to the job when all I have running is Chrome and Axure.