What do we have to expect?

I’m very excited about what Axure will do until the final version of the feature requests. Normally a beta version only allows minor adjustments and bugfixing.
I hope that with an update where such substantial and serious changes have been made to the interface, more might be possible after all.

I’d like to know if the development team has already made any decisions that give us hope that the following points will be adapted according to the wishes of the users:

  • Interaction Panel: in general and in the details
  • Disable scrolling into the negative area
  • Dark or darker interface
  • Better handling of style effects
  • Individual keyboard shortcuts
  • choice of colours /´colour palette
  • Issues with the Dynamic Panel

Did I forget something?
These are all points where the interface and the handling has changed more or less compared to version 8.
The rest seems to me to be as usual :slight_smile:
As already mentioned: UX designers are creatures of habit…:laughing:


Since this post is unanswered so far (perhaps also due to my bad English :frowning: ), I get the impression that the beta is now only about bugfixing and that we should and must live with the restrictions and the partly catastrophic usability still existing in the current beta.

After all, there is now a dark interface (as if that had been essential) and the issues with the dynamic panels have been fixed.

Dear Axure Team, although it may have become a bit quieter regarding to the above mentioned open topics:
It’s still annoying every day and spoils the fun of Axure.
Especially the first two points.

I very much hope that there will be something more until the final version.
Thank you for your commitment and please excuse my tone and my poor English.