What is Axure made of?

Im an Axure user since version 6, and ive always noticed a much much worst performance under MacOS than under Windows. Is Axure built with some sort of Windows based technology? Like .NET or maybe something cross platform like Java? Because the MacOS version is clearly not written in Xcode.

Axure was originally a .NET application as far as I know. When Apple brought out their version of Mono (or whatever it was), such applications became portable to OSX.

I might have that a bit wrong, but the history of Axure is certainly Windows based.

Hasnt it passed enough time for this company to actually rebuild this software to something Mac native? The experience continues to be awful and its been years…

Hi, if you’re experiencing specific technical issues with Axure RP on Mac please go ahead and report those issues either here or (to bring them to the attention of Axure staff more directly) email them over to support@axure.com so that we can get those filed for investigation if they’re not already file with QA. Thank you!