What is the repeater Item property "isVisible" for?


Non-visible rows of a repeater are rows that are either filtered out, or rows in a paged repeater that aren’t on the current page.

Considering that “non-visible” rows of a repeater are never evaluated by OnItemLoad, what is [[Item.isVisible]] for? That is, how could it ever evaluate to anything other than TRUE in OnItemLoad?

The only other usage (aside from within OnItemLoad) for the “Item” object is in repeater filters, but filters also act only upon visible rows, so the filter [[Item.isVisible == false]] would never return any rows, and [[Item.isVisible == true]] would never filter any rows out of the current list.

Am I missing a use for Item.isVisible?

[Edit] Maybe it has to do with paged repeaters? The statement I made about filters never acting upon non-visible rows isn’t correct as a filter can filter out rows on other pages. Can anyone think of a clever use for this? I still can’t see what good this is for.

Hi josephxbrick,

Good question!

As you’ve already found, [[item.isVisible]] can be used for paginated repeaters, where you can create an interaction to target only the visible or non-visible rows of the repeater. You could also delete rows that have been filtered out using [[TargetItem.isVisible == false]], but I’d also be curious to see how other people use/d [[Item.isVisible]]. :slight_smile:

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