When checkbox is selected, show the selected item in another box

Hi everyone,
I want to make a box that can show all the selected checkbox below. But it just can’t work.
How can I make it ?

Thanks for helping me!

see attachment below:

I am lazy ,so ,assumed that you are a Chines Speaker.
只做了主要功能。 用show/hide中的pull/push widgets.

  • 勾选上方的复选框将对应项目移动到下方;
  • 勾选下方的复选框将对应的项目隐藏;

也可尝试使用repeater,但尝试过程中发现无论是用global variables 或者 修改repeater中每个cell中的变量,在加载repeater的过程中均会同时更新所有的cells。遂放弃。
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