Where are the Axshare Servers located?


i would like to use axshare in my company.
The company is located in germany.
The company will allow the usage just under the condition that the files are hosted in the eu.
Is that the case, if i use axhshare?


We use Amazon S3 servers that are located in two regions in the US. The main servers are in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region US East (N. Virginia), or “us-east-1”. The backup servers are in the AWS region US West (Oregon), or “us-west-2”. If your team is interested in using Axure RP and would also like to use Axure Cloud, but require that hosting be solely in Europe, then Axure Cloud for Business would allow you to install your own instance of Axure Cloud on your own servers for hosting. More information on this offering is below if you’re interested:

If you don’t necessarily need to use Axure Cloud for publishing, then you also have the option of generating local HTML files and uploading those to your own server.

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