Where did hint text input go?

Up until recently you could hit a gear icon under Interactions and set the hint text for a field. That option is now gone and I cannot, for the life of me, find anywhere in the latest build to provide hint text.

What happened?!

Select the text field widget, click INTERACTIONS on the right panel, then click the text :hint underneath the Text Field Name, then click Hint Properties, then click in the HINT PROPERTIES field to enter your hint text.

(No comment about the lack of discoverability and usability in this new RP9 UI :roll_eyes: )

Oh wow. I feel dumb. The file isn’t using text fields, just rectangles. It wasn’t showing up 'cause hints aren’t allowed on non-text fields.

[Slams head against desk repeatedly]

I’d delete this if I could. Thanks for the quick reply!