Where has interaction to navigate back in page history gone?

Cant find it find it. Where is it?

Previous betas were worth the jump to to use for real work. Should I stick with v 8 for a while?

Answering my own question.
It seems you have to delete all interactions, even the onclick, and start again to get the “back to previous page” option.
It’s been made it simple with a wizard style interaction…but now it’s essentially broken.

If designers want to make a simple prototype they can already probably do so in their tool of choice , Figma, Sketch, XD etc. Leave that to those tools. Axure’s power is in it’s ability to handle complexity without coding. I want my prototypes to feel and act real.

I’m seeing that in an Open Link interaction, I can always use the dropdown under Link To to switch between pages and “back to previous page” and other options.

I see so destination url and type of link are merged.

Ive gone back to v8 for this project. I really like the new UI, visually, but have to get this job done so will look at trying v 9 a bit later