Where on earth is the Add Condition button?

If I create a new interaction I can manage, if I’m lucky, to find an Add Conditions option. Once it is created, it’s nowhere to be found.

Sorry to continue to reference RP8, but I simply cannot fathom why so much is moved. In RP8, at the top of the Case Editor, I can clearly add a condition to any Case, existing or new.



Hey @Joe, there are a couple of ways you can use to access conditions. First, you can select a widget, then go to the Interactions Pane, then click on the button “Interaction editor”, then add an event, and click on the buttons “Enable cases” and “Add Conditions”.

The second way is to select a widget, then go to the Interactions Pane, click on “New Interaction”,
select an interaction and click on the button “Add Conditions”.

If you didn’t add the condition the first time, you should click on “Enable Cases” and “Add Conditions”.


Here is also a link to our docs regarding interactions: Events, Cases, and Actions · Axure Docs. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. In RP8, everything is a case - some have conditions, some don’t. Seems that adding cases is what is required, though I don’t understand the need.

What is the benefit of having interactions without cases in RP10?
What are the differences otherwise?