Why impossible link checkbox to repeater data field column?

or maybe possible, but i’m don’t know how?
I try connect checked property of checkbox in repeater to repeater.field value.

For example, i’m create repeater and datatable with 2 fields: [name], [isChecked] and data:

Ivan, False (or, 0 maybe, or uncheck, or ...)
John, True
Maria, False

Now, value of checkboxes always unchecked. But i’m want set property from my data. Some checked, some unchecked…

Use the OnItemLoad event.

If value [[Item.isChecked]] equals false
Set MyCheckbox to not selected

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Thank you, and why my second case is not fired?
So, if i have Case1 with this code
Set text on Name equal to "[[item.name]]"
its work, and after that i insert second case with statement:

If value [[Item.Checked]] equals false
Set Checked to not selected

it’s not fired!
If i’m stay only one second case all works.

Cases are running under the OnItemLoad event.

Because it’s set to ELSE, so it will only happen if the first case doesn’t happen. But since the first case always happens (If true), the second one never does.

Right click your second case to change to from ELSE IF to just IF.

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