Widget Library similar features to masters

I was wondering if anyone knows if Axure 9 widget libraries are similar to masters, if I add a widget to the page and then update the original widget it updates on the page? I.E I have a blue button in my widget library, I place it in the page. I come back and have been told my buttons need to be green. If I update the shared library (because I am the owner) will all placed buttons also change colors? I know masters work that way, and I am hoping the library does too. We work in a design system environment, so this would be extremely helpful

No. Widget libraries don’t automatically update. I tend to use them [widget libraries] for creating base starting templates (size, styling, common functionality, etc.) and then modify as needed for the specific prototype I’m working on. A simple way to look at it is: "the difference between a button and this button, or any menu and this menu.

It can be a bit annoying to be in the middle of working on a prototype and having to stop and add something new to your library. However, it is possible to have the widget library open for editing at the same time you’re working on something else. This way, it’s easy to copy/paste what you just made in your project into your library.