Widget library thumbnails not displaying when new pages are updated/added

I have created and used a shared custom widget library for awhile. Most recently I have added some new pages to my library. Everything is working as expected except upon saving, restarting, and refreshing my library, the new thumbnails in the left hand preview panel are displaying blank. All the old icon/widgets are still displaying properly, the issues is only with the new/updated pages. I have tried various combinations of the page inspector properties “use the thumbnail” and “custom icon” with no luck. It was my understanding that when my page is set to “use the thumbnail” a default thumbnail will appear (which has been the case in the past).

This issues is consistent on both PC and Mac, and on multiple retina display monitors, Axure

Hi jennycwagner,

Hmm, that sounds odd. Could you post your .rplib file here me to test? If you’d rather keep that private, you can send that over to support@axure.com, and we can continue troubleshooting through that channel. Any additional details you’re able to provide about the issue (e.g. is this a team project widget library, is the target file a team project, when did this start happening, etc.) will be helpful as well. Thanks!

Thank you for your replay I sent an email to support for further investigation.