Widget Styles - nested styles?

a question for Axure team (@Jane_Axure)
I wonder if it would be possible to have Nested styles in Widget style manager?

Here is what I mean:

This is an example from Adobe InDesign. You can ‘base’ your style on any other style and make just a few modifications (e.g: change colour or font size). The rest of the properties are inherited from the parent style (and when you change the parent it changes everywhere).

E.g: in my project, I use 3 versions of a button (default, primary, secondary) with variations of “text-only”, “icon-only”, “text & icon”. Furthermore, I have this also as a “text version” buttons. Now, if I decided to change the font style I have to go and change 18 different widget styles. (!!!)

Nesting is by definition THE primary feature for CSS and essential in the whole web development.
And I think this would be a very helpful feature in Axure.

Many thanks


Hi @axure, any reaction?

This would be excellent, along with the ability to have the styles as a panel and not a pop-up window (allowing you to select widgets and change their styles with the style manager open).

It does feel as though Axure are letting Styles slip by the wayside…