Width of a repeater item and gap changes when switching tabs and "fit to content in HTML" is enabled

I have this weird annoying bug where the width of the card and the gao between the cards changes when I switch tabs. This is only occurs in Landscape Tablet and Portrait Tablet adaptive view. In addition, disabling “fit to content in HTML” will force it to use the width that I had set in editor mode but the problem with this is that the content won’t expand or shrink when changing to a tab with a different content height.

Here is how it looks with when the page is loaded.

Here is how it looks when switching tabs. Notice how the width of the card and the gaps between the cards are about a couple of pixels too long and are not equal.

I have left as an attachment an example RP file containing the issue. When you run in preview mode, change to the landscape tablet view or portrait tablet view and start switching tabs and you’ll see that the width of the card is a little bit bigger,

Inconsitent Card Width.rp (141.1 KB)