Will RP 9 team pricing force startups off Axure?

It will for my team!

While I’ve been dealing with chronic illness (so working very part-time), I had convinced my one startup client of the benefits of paying for Axure over other, lighter-weight prototyping tools. I’m deeply experienced in it, so it made sense. All our wireframing and prototyping had been done exclusively in Axure Team files, over the first two-plus years of our history.

We all began to experience issues with laptop space being gobbled up by team files, so have been looking into our more cost-effective cloud storage options — those that don’t introduce redundancy issues and page locking, like so many do. So imagine my delight in hearing Axure is simplifying this massive pain point for us by offering cloud storage! This new cloud structure can save our UX team so many headaches!

And then I looked at the pricing page. The jump from our current perpetual to the new one is such a hard sell to my managers, that I had a team member tinkering in other prototyping tools — and with this change, we’ll have to move to them now.

Does Axure expect to offer price breaks for small orgs? Any grandfathered pricing? In these times of deep disruption, I’m sad to see how little my long loyalty pays off for me. And my team, who have been clamoring for prototyping apps, will win because of this barrier of price. Sad.

Hi risdMarf!

We’re happy to hear that you’ve been exclusively using team projects for a couple of years. To clarify the pricing, to upgrade to 9 you don’t need to pay for a whole new license; if you have an existing license key that works with Axure RP 8 and want to use Axure RP 9, then you’d buy an upgrade (which is $99 to upgrade to 9 Pro and $199 to upgrade to 9 Team). Information about the cost of upgrading is available below:

In Axure RP 9 team projects, similar to version 8, you would have your local copy of your team project on your hard drive and the team repository itself (i.e. the master shared copy) would be hosted on the cloud. You can do the same in Axure RP 8 as well; if you find that storing your team project shared repository on your hard drive is eating up space, you can instead choose to create the team project in the cloud.

Hopefully that helps! If you have additional questions about pricing and upgrades feel free to send them over to support@axure.com so that we can loop in the appropriate team members as needed to assist. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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