Window.scrollY not returning value

I’ve been unable to retrieve a value when entering “[[Window.scrollY]]” as a text value. I have it currently trying to replace a text label with this value.

Update, it seems that when on WindowScrollUp, its working, but when interaction is WindowScrollDown it is not. I believe now that Axure is not detecting when user is WindowScrollDown.

Hi! To confirm, are you using the OnWindowScroll, OnWindowScrollUp and OnWindowScrollDown events to fire a Set Text action that adds the value [[Window.scrollY]] to a widget? I’ve tested the three of these on our end in a new file, and it seems to be working as expected. To verify, are you still able to reproduce the issue now, and do you have any conditional logic or other interactions firing when the window scrolls? If you’re able to attach a sample file that demonstrates the issue then that would help to investigate.

In the meantime let us know whether you have questions. Thank you!