Wipe image to reveal another

Hi again from relative newbie. I’m trying to figure out how to windshield wipe an image to reveal another image. Ideally this would happen back and forth by dragging a bar or some sort of “wiper” across the image forward or backward.

It’s relatively simple to drag a bar across and have the images drag with them like a slider, and they can reveal themselves by sliding in to the frame if they’re outside a dynamic panel, but that’s not quite what I want.

Anyone done this effect?



One way to do it is to put each image in its own dynamic panel and stack them on top of one another. Then use a third dynamic panel as the “wiper”.

As you drag the wiper, you set the size of the top panel to grow and shrink as the wiper panel is moved.

Image_Wiper.rp (62.2 KB)

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Thanks so much for this. Such a simple solution and it was driving me nuts.