WISH: Select widgets between groups

New to Axure, so I come from the land of Adobe and Sketch in which it doesn’t matter if a widget is part of a group of not, you can Cmd + Click any 2+ widgets and select them. However, in Axure that doesn’t seem to be the case. I cannot click to select two widgets unless they are part of the same group.

Below you can see me trying to Cmd + Click two widget, two groups, and then searching for widgets and trying to select (which I think would be the most useful case in which you could select all of the same kind of widget and make style edits to all of them at once).

Any way to select two widgets/groups if they aren’t part of the same group?

Hi carinamarano,

You’re right that it isn’t currently possible to select widgets between groups but I’ll go ahead and file this with our product management team for consideration. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :pray: I hope other will upvote this request. :wink: