Workflow: Can you modify the shape selector?

Hi All,
I’m hoping there is a way to add other shapes into the select shape dropdown.

What I need is to be able to specify dif types of flow boxes (page, page state, another process), after creating a flow from the sitemap.

Here’s what does not work:
Custom Libraries: Shapes that are dragged from lib need to be manually linked
Shape Styles: sadly shape styles do not have the shape selection as a property

One of the advantages of Axure over Sketch is the ability to create flows and maps fairly quickly.

Hi antekw,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to add a custom shape to the shape selector list, but that’s a great feature request and I’ve filed this with our product management team for review. In the meantime, what may help is to first drag the page onto the canvas, click on the shape selector dropdown, and select “Convert to Custom Shape”. Or the better workaround better fitting your workflow may be what you already found, which is to create the custom shape first and then manually link to the targeted page.

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Thanks for your response. You’re right, that way works as well and it takes the same amount of time as my methods (although arguably doing it at the style level is great for making changes). But that has me itching to make my own shapes.

I’m glad you have a heart as a shape option, but the world of presentations is too cruel for such shapes : )

I could see that few people use the shape feature, I certainly never have considered it until this point.