Would like to - Scale to Width by default

Ive searched on past topics and being new to Axure I cant seem to find the settings when sharing the prototype to have Scale to Width by default as it is always default scale option.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?


Choosing the project scale within the Axure RP UI isn’t available, but if you want to share the prototype with your end users and ensure that the project is always scaled to fit to width then you can modify the URL that you send. When you turn on “Scale to Width” in the browser, you’ll notice that “&sc=1” gets appended to the end of your URL; adding that to your URL prior to sending it to a user will ensure that when they load that URL in their browser the prototype will load with “Scale to Width” turned on.

Hopefully that helps! If you have feedback you’d like to submit then please email it over to support@axure.com so that we can ensure that it reaches the product team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the solution Alyssa :slight_smile:

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