Wrong page display in Web browser


I created a simple page with a few fields and dropdown lists. I aligned the widgets appropriately in the RP file, but when I preview the page from the web browser, the alignments are off. Am I missing something here? Source file is attached.

Thanks a lot!

assessment.rp (63.1 KB)

I Hope this is what you were trying to design and preview. ?

That’s right. Would you mind sending me the source RP file? I would like to look at it and see what I missed. Thank you!

Sir it is only your file… your alignment has no issue the only issue is with the browser and its cache… just press “shift+f5” while previewing or use incgonito by chrome…

Hope this works do let me know.

This is what came out of my browser. I did what you suggested. it doesn’t seem to work. I’m using a Mac.

On my side everything is fine i did not even change a single thing on my end i would recommend you to use a rectangle and write text inside that rectangle in that way it should work properly and you also can give margin and padding to that rectangle text from right side pannel of axure.

Hmm, I’m seeing the same thing as Axure_ninja where the widgets are all spaced and aligned properly. I did notice that your text widgets don’t have any line spacing defined, which can cause inconsistencies across browsers. If you select the widget, click on the “Style” tab in the inspector pane, and scroll down to the line spacing option, you can try changing the spacing from “–” to a specific value to see if that helps!