X & Y coordinates

I am using a lot the move command to place a menu for each repeater row.
The menu itself is a DP which outside to the repeater and get called (shown) when I click on the repeater side menu.

For each time I need to nudge by iteration the menu location in related to the menu widget coordinates, and menu coordinates.

Do you know what are the X,Y coordinates of a widget? it’s middle? left upper point? other?

Just hover over x and y fields of selected widget and it says x - left and y - top.
But there is no global value as I know…so it could posses lot of issues esp. in nested widgets , dp

Thanks for the answer.

Ahm… but I probably missing here something.
Since the X,Y of a repeater widget (say side ‘ellipsis’ menu) are calculated on the fly upon a click, it should provide the exact X,Y location to move the menu to. The only adjustments needed is to shift the X with menu width: [[This.X-menu.width]], and the [[This.y+icon.hight]]

That should always work, no? what am I missing?