X-y location of all widgets is from top-left-corner. For grouped widgets, can the x-y location start from the group-parent?

Hi, I’m using RP 8 Team edition. This is a function request.

Currently the XY location of all widgets is calculated from the top left corner.
The XY location of "Heading 1 "is x = 50, y = 60.

For the XY location of “Heading 2” is x = 50, y = 240, calculated from the top-left corner (see the red lines).

“Heading 2” is inside a Group. On platforms like Unity3D and QTCreator, “Heading 2’s” location is calculated within the Group, such that it is x = 50, y = 60 (see the blue lines)

May I request for a function to allow this? That “Group” acts as an empty area, any widgets within this empty area, will have their position calculate from the top-left corner of its Group.

But I’m not sure how many users would need this function.


Use dynamic panels instead of groups and this works. All widgets in dynamic panels have x and y locations relative to the dynamic panel, not the browser window/viewport.

You can even convert your existing Group2 into a dynamic panel by right-clicking it and selecting “Convert to dynamic panel”.

Or, if you really want or need to use only groups instead, your formula for calculating a relative position of “Heading 2” would be [[Text2.x - Group2.x]] and [[Text2.y - Group2.y]]