Zoom behaving badly

So I have a page that I’m zoomed out of to 25%. I can see all my content. When I zoom into 100% the page zooms into some random location on the canvas. At this point I can’t see my content and I can only scroll vertically. I can’t scroll horizontally so I can’t find my designs. I’m assuming this is a bug otherwise it’s unusable.

At the moment I think you have several options to return to your content:

((1) remove the checkbox for “Hide Canavas scrollbar” in the settings under “Canvas” (see screenshot)

(2) click on the icon in the upper left corner of the Ruler: the content will jump to 0,0 (see Screenshot)

(3) press the space bar to push the canvas to any place

Does that solve your problem?

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Thank you both of those worked! That’s a little obscure but I’ll remember it now.