1 bug, 1 advice

1 bug:publish project, set Player as With Pages Open,after generating process, player status doesn’t match the player option. Left pages tree is collapsed.
1 advice: could you please do not show so big browser compatibility hints banner every time I open the axure prototype? It’s definitely not friendly.

I think it would be helpful if you could give some information about your system environment, whether Mac or Windows and which browser. Maybe some screenshots.

Because the two bugs you describe don’t occur im my Version:
Windows 10, 1709, Axure

Especially the “big browser compatibility hints banner” would interest me.

But I suppose that these are all topics of the Mac version.

Hi rainbowboy,

As fishmi222 mentioned, I’m unable to reproduce bug #1. Could you let me know the browser you’re using to view the prototype and whether you are generating the HTML files locally, publishing the file to Axure Share, or using the Preview feature?

As for bug #2, are you seeing the “OUT OF DATE” warning when viewing your Axure prototype? This means your browser is out of date and should be updated. The steps for updating depends on the browser, but most should allow you to update by accessing their “About” menu or their “Check for Updates” menu. The Chrome browser, for example, can be updated by accessing their “Chrome > About Google Chrome” menu item. With that being said, I’ll also go ahead and pass this along to our designated teams about your experience with the browser warning message.

bug1, reproduce as follows:
1> F8, set player option With Pages Open, check Open browser after publishing in the popup window;
2> click Publish Locally button to generate the project pages;
3> left pages tree show properly in browser as expected;
4> enter project HTML pages folder, double click index.html, find that left trees frame is hidden. You must click the page tree switch above to let it show up.

Hi rainbowboy,

Thanks very much for the clear repro steps! I see the same behavior as you, where opening index.html opens the page with the Pages tab closed, and it looks like this was an intentional change with the 9 beta. That is, index.html will open the default. If you want to open your page with the Pages tab expanded, you can go to the same directory as index.html and open “start_g_1.html” instead.

Hopefully this helps to clarify!

I have the same problem where I’m using Userzoom to test the prototype and I’m getting this “Looks like your browser is out of date” red message. Can I disable this from appearing on my prototype in Axure??